Office in Bozen Bolzano

The headquarters of the association is located in Bolzano, where four collaborators deal with the needs of some 15,000 students. Most of the work consists of university consulting. At our office, school-leavers and students have the opportunity to find out about their educational future. One of the most requested services is assistance in filling out scholarship application forms. Every year about 2,000 students contact sh.asus to take advantage of this free service. There is also free psychological counselling for all students who contact sh.asus

Martin Sartori

Study advisory service, medical study counselling, organization of the MedAT (Austrian Medical College Admission Exam) preparation courses

Armin Unterhauser

Study advisory service, accounting, QuizMaster (sh.asus Pub Quiz)

Veronika Reier

Study advisory service, teacher training advisory, press, study title recognition

Astrid Pichler

Study advisory service, Soth Tyrolean commitee of the ritght for higher education


Südtiroler HochschülerInnenschaft

Kapuzinergasse 2/A

39100 Bozen


Tel.: +39 0471 97 46 14