Representing students interests

Sh.asus is committed to the interests of students

An important task for us is the union representation of students' interests. Thanks in particular to the commitment of our numerous volunteers and their interventions at all levels, we are able to constantly improve the conditions of South Tyrolean students.

What have we been committed to for the past few years?

  • numerous interventions at both the Austrian and Italian Ministry of Education to speed up the ratification of diploma recognition

  • commitment to lift the ban on simultaneous enrolment in two degree courses (in Italy)

  • reimbursement of university fees also for students studying outside IT/AT/D/CH (planned from 2018)

  • maintenance of scholarships for special merits

  • introduction of a pro-rata system in the awarding of merit scholarships so that a higher number of students have the opportunity to receive i

  • preventing the introduction of student loans instead of scholarships

  • several improvements aimed at making the award of the scholarship fairer

  • new regulations for the allocation of student accommodation at the University of Bozen/Bolzano

  • deduction of fees for renting students' apartments abroad (from 2012)

  • improvement of the housing situation in South Tyrolean student dormitories

  • redevelopment of Piazza Università (Bolzano)

  • raising the Abo+ age limit to 27 years of age

  • assembly of ticket machines (in Innsbruck) for students with Abo+

  • possibility for students to vote by correspondence in provincial elections

  • tax exemption for postgraduate PhDs