Study grant

Every year, the Autonomous Province of Bolzano provides scholarships for students attending university institutions in Italy and abroad.

Every autumn students can apply for scholarships. The application is made for the academic year just started, i.e. in autumn 2020 for the academic year 2020/21. The scholarship cannot be applied for retroactively. The application must be renewed each year. The scholarship award criteria may also be changed each year.

(Future) students must meet both formal (e.g. high school leaving diploma) and financial requirements in order to qualify for the scholarship. Students enrolled one year after the first year must also have achieved a certain academic merit.


Application period: 27 September - 5 November 2021

Regluation and call for competition 2021/22

Regulation - Study grants for students attending universities or universities of applied sciences

Call for competition

Consulting and help with complation

Information on the study grant can be obtained at any time by emailing to, by calling 0471 974614, by calling/messaging WhatsApp on +393663413979 or by contacting us personally. Our office is located in Kapuzinergasse/Via Cappuccini 2A, 39100 Bozen/Bolzano and is open from Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday from 9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. You can also schedule an appointment via Zoom.

Scholarships booklet 2021/22

last updated on 4 October 2021


The EEVE/DURP ("Single Declaration of Income and Assets") and the FWL/VSE (economic situation factor) form the basis of the calculation. Therefore, we recommend that all students obtain the following things:

  1. Access to myCivis

  2. FWL/VSE-certificate

  3. bank account opened in the name of the student (no prepaid cards)

  1. The application for the study grant has to be completed online on myCivis. In order to do that the applicant needs an access to this platform.

    • SPID: Applicants who are Italian citizens or non-EU citizens with a residence permit can apply for a SPID (public digital identity system). We advise you to setup a SPID. If you need to submit a correction, it is practical to already have a SPID, since you are not dependent on a reader or functioning software.
      We can also support you in creating a SPID:

      • SPID with Poste Italiane - personal identification in a post office: for this you need an identity card and health insurance card or tax number. Since you must wait for a confirmation e-mail after the online registration, it is possible that the SPID cannot be used immediately.

      • SPID with another provider - Identification using your health insurance card: this requires an activated health insurance card with PIN.

    • eIDAS (European digital identity): eIDAS allows you to access digital services of other EU member states by using your country's digital identity. A the moment eIDAS is not active for all EU member states. Please check here to know whether you can use eIDAS.

    • please check the Italian or German version for information about the CIE and tessera sanitaria who can also be used to access myCivis

    • certified account at the Amt für Hochschulförderung/Ufficio per il diritto allo studio universitario: applicants that cannot use one of the mentioned methods have to apply for a certified account at the Amt für Hochschulförderung/Ufficio per il diritto allo studio universitario (Palazzo 7, Via Andrea Hofer 18, 39100 Bolzano). You must present yourself in person with a valid identity document and the Italian tax code.

2. It is possible to obtain the FWL/VSE-certificate for free at any local union. This requires three steps:

  • a) Determining the members of the nuclear family

  • b) Issuing a EEVE/DURP for every member of the nuclear family

  • c) Calculating the FWL/VSE and obtaining the FWL/VSE-certificate

a) The nuclear family is always defined on the basis of the beneficiary, i.e. the student. For this purpose, the family situation at the time the FWL is issued is considered. Usually, the nuclear family consists of all family members who live in the same household as the student:

  • The student herself/himself

  • If the beneficiary is not yet 26 years old, has earned a gross income of less than 10,000 euros in the previous year, and is studying or living in the same household: her/his parents or one parent and her/his spouse or partner living in the same household

  • Minor children living in the same household

  • Other persons under 26 years of age with a gross income of less than 10,000 euros who are studying or living in a shared household

  • Other persons dependent on any of the above

Students under 26 years of age with a gross income of more than €10,000 earned in the previous year can apply alone (without the other family members living in the same household). For students aged 26 and above, the amount decreases to 2,840.51 euros gross. You have to reach the amount corresponding to your age every year to be able to apply alone. In any case, the income of the applicant is included in the calculation of the EEVE/DURP and FWL/VSE.

According to the EEVE/DURP regulations, married students or students with their own children usually form their own family.

Attention! This information is of a general nature! For the determination of the nuclear family one should in any case contact a local union!

b) The EEVE/DURP (Einheitliche Einkommens- und Vermögenserklärung / Dichiarazione Unificata di Reddito e Patrimonio) is a self-declaration about the economic situation of an individual. The EEVE/DURP therefore combines the income and assets of this individual. A separate EEVE must be issued for each individual in a family. The EEVE/DURP declarations that are valid for the study grants are those that have been issued with the income and assets of 2019.

Filling out the EEVE/DURP is free at the local unions. There it is also possible for one member of the family to do the EEVE/DURP for other members.

c) The economic situation factor (FWL/VSE) is a number that is calculated by putting together all the EEVE/DURP declarations of your family members. This number will determine if you can get a scholarship and how high it will be. In order to fill out the application form for the scholarship you will need the economic situation factor, the number of certification of the FWL/VSE and the date of issue. You will find all three on the FWL/VSE-certificate.

Attention: You need to do the EEVE/DURP and calculate the FWL/VSE (economic situation factor).

List of local unions (Patronate/Steuerbeistandszentren)