General information

For those who would like to study medicine or dentistry in Italy, you can find all the universities that offer a medical course by clicking on the following link:

Admission exams

Obtaining a high school diploma in Italy does not automatically entitle you to study medicine. Access to medical training is regulated by the so-called "national programmed number", i.e. the number of study places available is regulated by the state. The admission test can be taken in the various universities of Italy and is held simultaneously throughout Italy. This means, that it is possible to apply for more than one university, but you must choose one before the entrance test. Registration for the admission test is done through, after which the application fee must be transferred. When registering for the admission exam you can specify various preferences, the exam will be taken according to your first preference. If you do not obtain a place to study immediately after the exam, you can still obtain one through the national list of remaining places. The admission test will presumably take place on September 1, 2020.

It is important to note that once you have passed the entrance examination, you will be enrolled at the university of your choice.


The admission test is expected to take place on 1 September 2020. The methods and deadlines for registering for the admission test will be indicated in the MIUR call for applications which will be published in the coming months (before July). The first step in the application always has to be done on the portal

The admission test in Italy consists of 60 multiple choice questions. Candidates have 100 minutes to answer the questions.

The test consists of:

  • General culture: 12 questions;

  • Logic: 10 questions;

  • Biology: 18 questions;

  • Chemistry: 12 questions;

  • Physics and Mathematics: 8 questions.

Further information on the individual parts of the test can be found at the following addresses:


A maximum score of 90 points can be obtained on the admission test. Last year the minimum score to obtain a place in the study (in the first ranking) was 43.2 points.

The assessment is as follows:

  • 1.5 points for every correct answer;

  • -0.4 points for every incorrect answer;

  • 0 points for every response not given.