Studying in Italy

Even if the world of Italian universities is currently in a phase of transition, characterized by painful cuts in funding for public education and a decreasing number of students, studying in Italy can still be an educational, useful and beautiful experience. 

Cities like Bologna, Padua, Venice, or Milan also offer a student culture and university infrastructure that leaves little to be desired. In comparison with other European countries, studying in Italy costs a lot: A year in university involves tuition fees from €1,000 to €3,000, on average you pay about €1,500. 

Fully in line with the rest of Europe, however, is the tendency to restrict access to many courses of study: Most courses of study are "closed number", i.e. you have to take an entrance test to secure a place of study. 

Since the academic year 2022/23, it is also possible in Italy to enrol in two degree programmes at the same time. However, there are some specific exceptions. For example, you cannot enrol in two degree programmes in the same degree class and at least two-thirds of the course content must be different. More information on the different regulations and the legal basis can be found on the website of the Ministry of University and Research.

The following pages aim to give you a preliminary overview of the world of Italian universities.

University fees

Italian state universities charge tuition fees, the amount to be paid depends on the individual university and the study course chosen (up to 3,000 euros). It is possible to request a reduction of the fee by submitting an ISEEU (U=University) declaration. This is an indicator that determines the financial situation of families from which tuition is calculated. Those who do not submit an ISEEU declaration must pay the full contribution! With all CAAFs (Authorized Tax Assistance Centres, e.g. ASGB, KVW, CGIL etc.) you can submit an ISEEU declaration free of charge.

Since 2017 there has been a "tuition-free zone" for enrolment. Students with an ISEEU of less than 13,000.00 Euro do not pay anything for enrolment. Students with an ISEEU between 13,001.00 Euro and 30,000.00 Euro pay less tuition fees. Some universities have also raised the ISEEU.

Each university has different deadlines for paying the first instalment. If the first instalment is not paid on time, you risk losing your study place or having to pay a heavy surcharge! You can get the latest information on deadlines on your university's homepage!

Private universities often have their own systems for reducing tuition fees. In most cases ISEEU is not used.