Individual recognition of examinations

Qualifications obtained abroad can be recognised through the individual recognition of examinations.

Italian universities are responsible for the procedure. After graduation you should contact a university in Italy that offers a course of study with a similar curriculum. After applying, the faculty or study course council will evaluate the course of study. Rarely, the whole course is recognized. If the recognition is limited to a portion of the exams, you must register at the university and take the missing exams.

Rarely do you need a fully recognised qualification in Italy, e.g. for participation in the state examinations that entitle you to practice a profession. But in some cases, the state exam (and therefore also recognition through the equivalence procedure) can be avoided with the recognition of a professional title.

The Free University of Bozen/Bolzano also offers the possibility of degree recognition for study courses that correspond to those offered by the University. All relevant information is available here.


  1. Search an Italian university that offers a course of study similar to what taken abroad.

  2. Request equivalence

  3. Translate all the exams into Italian

  4. Request recognition for each individual examination

  5. Take any additional examinations