The 49-euro ticket will be introduced in Germany from May 1, 2023. The ticket will be valid on all local public transportation in Germany, including buses, regional trains, streetcars, subways and commuter trains. Long-distance trains and buses - such as ICE and EC trains operated by Deutsche Bahn or other providers - are excluded. Unfortunately, the ticket comes a bit late for students. It won't be really profitable until the "Wintersemester" of 2023/24. The effects of the 49-euro ticket for students are still being hotly debated in Germany. Many federal states are going their own way on the issue for the time being. It will not be until the "Wiintersemester" that a so-called "Solidarmodell" of the "Deutschlandticket" will relieve the burden on students, so that they will have to pay €29 instead of the usual €49 for the additional "Deutschlandticket".

Compared to Italy, transport in Germany is quite expensive, even tickets for regional trains. Therefore, an extensive carsharing network has developed with which university cities are well connected.

For those who prefer to take the train, however, it is worth buying the "BahnCard", the discount card issued by the German railways. Thanks to a special offer, the "BahnCard" for students is much cheaper than the standard one. The "BahnCard 25" costs 39€/year and offers a 25% discount on all domestic trains. The "BahnCard 50" costs just 69€/year and offers a 50% discount on domestic trains and 25% discount on cross-border trains.

Students in Munich often contact the South Tyrolean travel agencies that offer day trips to Munich.

An alternative is also Flixbus which offers bus trips throughout Europe.