General information

Access to medical faculties in Germany, in contrast to Austria and Italy, does not currently require an admission test. However, obtaining a high school diploma does not automatically entitle you to study medicine. As a general rule, anyone wishing to study medicine in Germany must graduate with a very high score. If the high school leaving examination does not lead to the desired result, there is also the option to improve your score by taking the so-called TMS (Test für Medizinische Studiengänge). One of the most important innovations for admission to medical studies in 2020 is that many universities will give more consideration to the so-called TMS in their admission procedure. Participation in the TMS is voluntary, but it is especially advisable for those who want to improve their high school diploma score.

TMS (Test für Medizinische Studiengänge)

The TMS is a specific test that verifies both scientific understanding and the solution of medical-scientific problems. The test, which is divided into various categories, determines the extent to which potential medical students are able to correctly understand, interpret and process complex information derived from medium-long texts, tables or graphs. The TMS also tests memory capacity, accuracy of visual perception, spatial imagination and the ability to work with concentration and accuracy.

The TMS takes place once a year and participation is not mandatory. You can only participate in the test once in a lifetime.

Changes from the 2020 summer semester

As of the 2020 summer semester, there are new regulations for accessing medical studies in Germany. According to the platform for admission to study (, most universities will consider the TMS (Test für Medizinische Studiengänge) as a selection criterion for medical, dental, and veterinary studies from the 2020 summer semester onwards. This applies both to the selection process for universities and to the new introduction of the "eligibility rate", the successor to the "waiting list" (which will no longer exist from the 2020/2021 academic year). The "Hochschulzulassung" Foundation recommends that all those who wish to apply for medical studies in the 2020/21 academic year participate in the TMS 2020 and thus improve their chances of admission.

All information about the new admission regulations and recent changes can be found on

Registration to the TMS is only possible online. You can register from 1 December (of the year preceding the respective TMS) to 15 January (of the respective TMS year). It is not possible to register later (limited period). The TMS will take place on 9 May 2020 and can be held at different locations in Germany. All the relevant information on the TMS can be found at the following link: