Study titles

In the recognition of qualifications, a distinction is made between academic recognition and the equivalence of the qualification for specific purposes.

Academic recognition leads to a legally valid study title in Italy and is in turn divided into recognition via the Agreement between Austria and Italy (simplified procedure for the recognition of Austrian study titles in Italy and vice versa) and individual recognition of examinations (general academic recognition for foreign study titles that were not negotiated in the Agreement between Austria and Italy).

Since individual recognition of examinations can often be very lengthy and costly, there are ways to equalize foreign study titles for specific purposes. This involves comparing the degree obtained abroad with an Italian degree of the same type and level - but only for a specific purpose. In most cases, the judgement for equivalence is submitted to the Italian Ministry of Education by the office responsible for the purpose. A list of purposes and the respective procedures are available here. Some of the most important are:

  • for participation in public contracts (art. 38)

  • for inclusion in the rankings (art. 12)

  • for the “riscatto della laurea ai fini pensionistici” (recognition of university years towards retirement)

The judgement of equivalence is only possible for the specific purpose requested. One must request a new jugdement for each purpose. When participating in competitions, one must make a new request for each competition.

There is no automatic recognition of qualifications acquired abroad.

Further information on this topic is available on the website of the Italian Ministry of University and Research.

What is the use of a recognised qualification in Italy?

If after completing your studies, you want to work in the public administration you need a qualification recognized in Italy. The same applies if you have to take a state exam to be enrolled in a professional association or if you want to apply for a "riscatto di laurea ai fini fini pensionistici" (a scheme to have years spent at university recognised for pension purposes).

Those who want to work in the private sector usually don't need a recognized qualification.

Above all, it is important to inform yourself in good time to understand if there are any additional exams to take and implement during the study path, reducing bureaucracy after graduation. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!